Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Piece Ideas??

Things are going well on the wholesale account side. Props to Kitchen Gourmet, Two Plates full and Black Mountain Ironworks for their Reorders, and getting pieces out to the public. I am trying to get some new pieces out there. One of which is the Fork-o-pelli a kokopelli made from flatware. Another is the iFork Ultimate part of the Ultimate series, meaning that it will have more than one set of forks for arms. This will make it so people can hold an iPhone or other electronic device on the landscape and/or portrait positions. Let me know what you think! What should be the next big Forked Up Art Piece?!?!

Forked Up Art, Welcome to something Different

Wow, What a great start to a company! I can't really tell in detail what we have done since the beginning, but I can tell you that one year ago we we had barely gotten registered as a business and had sold maybe 10 pieces on I was still in school, and unemployed. Since then we have sold close to 4000 pieces, and are going strong! We are selling to businesses now, and getting more and more product to people. We have a new slogan: "Welcome to something different." We are different, and are excited about offering new things to people all over the world. Traditional art can get a little boring, and it our mission to spice things up a bit. - Judson Jennings